Amagansett Springs Aquifer Protection

Mission Statement

Amagansett Springs Aquifer Protection's mission is to protect the Stony Hill Aquifer, the primary source of pure drinking water for Springs, Amagansett, and Montauk, through public education, organizing citizen participation, and working with government representatives.

Our Issue

All drinking water from faucets in East Hampton Town comes from water (called groundwater) in aquifers under the ground.  Think of an aquifer as an underground river of water.  The groundwater in aquifers is replenished by rain.  Homeowners, businesses, and the Suffolk County Water Authority access this water with wells.

The Stony Hill Aquifer in Amagansett provides drinking water to Springs, Amagansett, and Montauk.

The problem is that groundwater  in aquifers is becoming polluted thereby polluting our drinking water.  Development, overuse, pollutants, and salt water intrusion are destroying our aquifers.  Polluted drinking water could destroy the town's property values.

The number of wells in East Hampton Town has increased 50% since 1987.  Add to that all the homes with public water.

The solution to groundwater contamination is to control development.  The less development, the less contamination.

One of the best ways to control development is for the town to purchase open space and leave in a natural condition so that rainwater can recharge the aquifer.  The Community Preservation Fund (CPF) is the mechanism for preserving land in town.

The Town Comprehensive Plan urges town officials to "take forceful measures to promote and restore the environment, particularly groundwater."

Amagansett Springs Aquifer Protection supports the Town Comprehensive Plan and urges town officials to protect our aquifers and pure drinking water.

About Us

Amagansett Springs Aquifer Protection (ASAP) is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 by Alexander Peters, an Amagansett resident and long-time groundwater protection activist.  The organization has  long been affiliated with the Long Island Neighborhood Network but is newly independent with a Board of Directors in formation.

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